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About Us

We already made an interesting trip around the world, mainly because of work. These days we live in Stannington, a suburb of Sheffield. First we lived inWychen in the East of the Netherlands (No, not Holland, the Netherlands, see ). Next we moved to Detroit in the USA. After that we lived in Bromley, in Greater London. After that we moved here.

Our trek around the world is mainly the result of changing work every now and again. Scientists are the nomads of this world :-(.Anthony currently works as a Lecturer Computational Chemistry in the Chemistry Department of the University of Sheffield. Petra currently works as Senior Lecturer Occupational Therapy at Sheffield Hallam University. See our own web pages for professional info.

One of the things we do outside work here is sing with the Escafeld Chorale. We are also involved with the National Trust as volunteers. In particular, we perform archaeological surveys at Longshaw Estate near Sheffield. This means we visit scheduled monuments on the estate and check their state.

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