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Greetings Visitor

This is the web-site of Anthony, Petra, Sara & Luc . A collection of pages with links to sites that we find interesting and fotographs of things and people that we have seen and encountered in our travels around the world. They are primarily meant for our personal use and that of our family/friends. However, we hope you enjoy them as well.

This web-site will probably be under construction continuously. Therefore, you should expect changes or partial outages now and in the future. We wish to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause...(Sorry, too much travel by public transport in the UK in recent years).

Our travels were mainly due to changes in work. Scientists are the nomads of the modern world :-(. Of each place where we have lived, we have put some pictures on separate pages. Just follow the appropriate links. Follow the links to our personal web pages for professional information.

We have visited some nice places on our travels around the globe. Short reports and some photos were put on seperate pages. In time this will turn into full-fledged reports. Watch this space... We live at the edge of the Peak District, where one can hike extensively. See the those links for some of the areas we already explored.

After many requests we have decided to start a recipe page. The page will contain mostly Dutch recipes translated into English. The Dutch should be able to find these elsewhere. You can find the recipes here.


Remarks, critiques etc. you previously could deposit in our guest book. Unfortunately, spam put paid to that. So email is the only option for now :-(

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